The Face of Cassia

Brenna Westerberg

Brenna is employed as a certified nursing assistant and trained medication assistant at Augustana Care Moose Lake Health and Rehabilitation. However, her title should be power-lifter. She has a solution-based way of solving problems that focuses on lifting others up. Brenna demonstrates positive teamwork, encouragement and devoted service daily.  Her ability to motivate individuals around a cause like the Alzheimer’s Walk or creating ways for co-workers to support each other is immeasurable. She is a support for all team members, including leadership. Brenna is a kind and compassionate presence in times of need, celebration, sorrow or simply being present. 

Brenna is not one who wants or enjoys being in the spot-light. What she does want is for the world to be a place of joy and peace for residents, staff, leadership, and everyone. Our Cassia community and the world are truly better because she is here.