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Augustana Care and Tamarack Habilitation Technologies Work Together to Heal Pressure Ulcers

You may have heard of pressure ulcers, or even experienced one, as they are one of the five most common problems experienced by older adults in care centers. People who suffer from pressure ulcers spend, on average, an extra five days in rehabilitation and are more likely to return to a care center or hospital after being discharged. Pressure ulcers are areas of skin that have been damaged by prolonged pressure. Typically on bony areas, these ulcers develop quickly and are often painful and difficult to treat.

That’s why  Tamarack Habilitation Technologies developed a new product that treats and even prevents pressure ulcers from forming. The technology is called Glidewear and is described in recent articles in iAdvance Senior Care and Provider Magazine. Glidewear products employ Tamarack’s patented, fabric technology, which makes them very comfortable and almost frictionless. A recent collaboration between Tamarack and Augustana Care resulted in 90% of the 89 older adults who participated saw their ulcers improve. These dramatic  results prompted Tamarack and Augustana Care to study how Glidewear compares to other methods of prevention/treatment.

Once the study is underway, a number of residents will begin to wear Glidewear. Augustana Care is excited about the study and how its results can improve the lives of older adults.