The Face of Cassia

Stepping Up at Augustana Chapel View

The Face of Caring, August 2020

This summer, we are featuring four exceptional caregivers from Augustana Chapel View. All have volunteered to provide care to residents who test positive for the Coronavirus:

Licensed Practical Nurse Veronica Wanchena began working at Augustana Chapel View in 2008. She left to attend school so she could become a nurse and returned to the community in August, 2019. Veronica’s dedication to others is well known to residents and colleagues.

Registered Nursing Assistant Susan Jaspers has been with Chapel View since 2015 and is known for her skill, compassion and grace. Registered Nursing Assistant Martin Bwonda began working with Chapel View in February 2020—his first job in the U. S. since moving here from Kenya. He is greatly loved by residents throughout our community. Registered Nursing Assistant Brittany Dugary began working at Chapel View in July 2019 and provides enthusiastic attention and care to the people we serve.

“All the employees mentioned here are leaders and faithful caregivers to our vulnerable residents with COVID-19,” says Administrator Paula Sparling. “Together they were the first nursing staff members who stepped up to say they would work in our COVID-19 Support Site, since the outbreak began at our community.”

When asked why she chooses to care for those fighting the Coronavirus, Veronica says, “My heart is here with residents I am proud to be a nurse and work for Chapel View. I am honored to care for residents who deserve our very best efforts and skills in this most difficult time. Thank you for trusting me with this sacred work.”