The Face of Cassia

Helene states, "the compassion of hospice is so valuable" photo of Helene smiling with trees in the background

Hellene Ngam, Grace Hospice Home Health Aide

The Face of Caring November 2020

Grace Hospice has nominated Hellene Ngam, Hospice Aide, as our November Face of Caring. Hellene has been with Grace Hospice for almost two years now. When the COVID pandemic came upon us Hellene was so heartbroken and disappointed she could not see her patients.  Hellene truly cares about each of her patients and their wellbeing. Now that some visiting restrictions have been lifted this has bought Hellene so much happiness as her mission is to be bedside with her patients, providing comfort and peace.  Grace nurse Carolyn states: “Hellene is the embodiment of a Compassionate person, she is NONJUDGMENTAL and treats each and every patient with respect and dignity. When Hellene assists with bathing and dressing she ensures they look their Picture Day best. She is a team player and excellent with updating the Team when there is a change in a patient’s condition. Hellene TRULY has a heart of GOLD.”

When asked one of her reasons for working in the hospice field, Hellene states, “I have cared for people all my life, the compassion of hospice is so valuable.”

Thank you, Hellene, for your heart of gold!